Terms & Conditions

The acquisition, reservation and payment of this purchase or reservation represents the acceptance of the following conditions:

  • Once the ticket is purchased, it will not be exchanged or
  • The price and availability of your purchase will not be guaranteed until the payment is credited to our bank account, if during thepurchase process and before receiving the amount of the proforma there are variations on the part of the supplier in both price and , they will be notified of the increase so that they can cancel or take charge of the difference and we will send them a proforma with the modified amount.
  • Regarding the price that appears printed on the ticket, which is called “face value” may not correspond to the amount paid, andmay be: higher, lower or equal to the same as commission, supply and demand factors influence of the market and management expenses of the provider/organizer.
  • In case of alterations or modifications in the program, the date, the schedule and/or the events announced for the show, thetickets will continue to be valid with the new
  • The amount of the tickets will not be refunded if it is impossible to attend the event for reasons not attributable to the
  • In the cases in which the show/event is suspended or canceled for reasons attributable to the organization, the spectator will have the right to a refund of the amount of the ticket according to the regulations applicable in each venue/organizer or provider of the show/event.
  • Before going to our show/event venues, check the organizer’s website that the timetable reflected in this entry has not been The valid schedule will only be the one that each organizer/venue has on its official website and can be modified up to 24 hours before the event. Eco City is not responsible for other expenses derived from transportation, accommodation orextras that the final client has contracted if there are changes to the day or schedule of the event/show.
  • The organization of each event/show reserves the right of admission. Entry will not be allowed to those who behave in a violentmanner, who may cause inconvenience to the general public or may alter the normal development of the event/show. Uponentering, the public may be subject to a search under the law. Those objects that may be considered dangerous by the organization, or those that may hinder the development of the event / show are not Make sure to follow local Covid19/or other regulations when entering the venue.
  • You are responsible for following local procedures and
  • Failure to comply with local laws may prevent you from entering the venue; we will not be responsible in such case and no refund or compensation will be given. In the same way, it will not give rise to changes or refunds in the event that they have provided us with erroneous documentation and personal data for the purchase and the tickets are used by people who do not meet the access requirements due to age, nationality or another reason that makes it access to it.
  • The delivery of the tickets may be in e-ticket, passwallet, mobile transfer, printed paper format or the modality in which theorganizer of the event decides to issue its ticket, it is possible that at some point from the purchase to the delivery of the event the organizer changes the format type. We will immediately notify this change for your knowledge but in no case, the type of delivery of the ticket will be a reason for changes or cancellations by the
  • In order to be able to provide our customers with the best seats available in each category, we collaborate with different suppliers and official agencies. For this reason, the tickets you have ordered will be delivered between 72 and 24 hours before the event. In some exceptional cases and in events of great demand, they could be delivered the same day of the event without the possibility of changing or canceling the order for this reason once reserved and paid. In the also exceptional case that we cannot deliver the purchased category, we will try to replace it with a higher category, if there is no availability in the market to be able to cover this substitution to a higher category, we will offer a lower one offering the alternative of
  • Exceptionally, if there is a reduction in capacity, restriction due to a pandemic, and/or ticket overselling by our partners/suppliersand collaborating agencies and it is impossible for us to serve them the contracted tickets, Eco City will notify you as far inadvance as possible and We will proceed to the cancellation and refund of 100% of the purchase, without any otherindemnification/compensation in addition to the amount paid for the